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    Narukami Lesson 1.1

    October 8, 2013 by XrosHearts


    Basic Mechanics

    Today we will de disscussing basic mechanics of the Narukami Clan. The Narukami are known for retiring front row units but, there are a few exceptions to this. While the Narukami retire they also gain power which can seriously weaken an opponent's defense.

    Narukami is effective against certain clans wnd builds that are rear guard reliant,  like Aqua Force, Royal Paladin, etc.

    Narukami is not so effective against builds that do not require any rear guards.


    Please answer the following questions about the Narukami.

    1. Name 2 units which can retire back row rear guards.
    2. Name 1 build that Narukami is effective against.
    3. Name 1 build that is effective against Narukami.

    This assignment is worth 4/4 points.

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