8th October 2013

Basic Mechanics

Hi there Class, today we are having the first class of the Kagero course were we learn how to plaay with fire. The Kagero is often known for it's pressure and retiring, but most people do forget that Kagero's true playstyle is actualkly defensive instead of offensive. Now I will give you ten simple questions as homework which you need to fill in


1. Name 1 card from every grade that can retire a unit.

2.  Name 1 build Kagero is effective against, and explain why.

3. Name 1 build that is effective against kagero, and explain why

4. What is the Kagero's purpose in the Dragon Empire?

5. Name 1 Kagero unit that is actually offensive instead of defensive. And explain why

6. Name 1 Kagero unit that looks offensive, but is rather defensive. Also Explain why

7. Name 1 combo you can do with 2 or more kagero units.

8. Give 3 examples of pressure giving units

9. Give 3 examples of cards that can retire the front row through their effects.

10.  Explain why Vague isn't OP.

You can gain a maximum of ten points for this.

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