Soul Charge Timing

When using Dark Irregulars no matter what type of deck you're using there is a proper time to soul charge. You would want to get as many Doreen on your field as possible before you soul charge it will make a massive difference and make it possible to get 30k+ on every column.

If you soul charge recklessly you might not be able to guard and get in big trouble you soul charge to much and you will deck out you must avoid that it is the biggest problem in this clan.

Rushing can be deadly to Dark Irregulars because they don't have a draw engine causing inefficient guard


Try answer the following questions about soul charge timing

1. Name 2 units that can soul charge 2. (No copying the questions before you)

2. Name 1 unit than can get to 25000 power or more. (No copying the questions before you)

3. Name the unit that can soul charge the most cards. (In one turn) (Private Message the Answer!)

4. What are all of the races in the Dark Irregular clan.

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