The Dark Irregular class the class that uses the soul as their power

Teacher: TurtleSaurus

There are many types of Dark Irregular decks you can use like Amon, Blade Wing Reijy, No Life King, Death Anchor and many more. Deciding which ace you will use is very important because if you know what your ace is you just have to build your deck around it.

You must answer these three questions and tell me what kind of deck you will run to join the Dark Irregular Course.

Question 1:  What is the best Grade 0, 1, 2 and 3 Dark Irregular in your opinion?

Question 2: How will you utilize the soul in your deck?

Question 3: What will be your ace card and starter in your deck?

If you can answer these 3 questions correctly than you will be accepted into the Dark Irregular Class!


  • XrosHearts
  • RoxasXSora
  • Seal To End All
  • Penguin90
  • Hunter E.T
  • ...
  • ...



1. You will fight against someone in the Dark Irregular class and soulcharge atleast 8 cards. You must both be using a Dark Irregular deck. You have three days to complete your homework


RoxasxSora: 7/8 C-

XrosHearts 12/8 B+

Seal To End All 13/8 A-

Penguin90 9/8 B

2. Our second lesson will be found here:

Your marks will be done A-D


Penguin90 4/4 A

XrosHearts 4/4 A

Seal to End All 3/4 B

RoxasXsora 2/4 C

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