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    Link Joker Class One

    October 14, 2013 by RoxasXsora

    Welcome to the first lesson of the Link Joker Course. Before we start with the the lesson, there are some things I want to point out first. Regular(ish) tournmanets will be held, rules will be announced closer to each class. There will be prizes for them, as in actual cards, don't be expecting anything higher than a Trial Deck though. now that that little bit is over time first lesson!

    Link Joker are the incarnation of Void. They live only to collect information. They focus on wielding the black spell, "Lock" freely. "Lock" is then used to turn into offesnive of defensive power. The understand how these units work, we will study theire functions in the Invasion.

    Barreir Star-vader, Promtehium: A soldier sent to Cray before the main invasion. …

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