• RedMageStatscowski

    NOTE:  This was an old example, please use the real trial deck page now.

    Grade 3:

    4 Rainbow Light, Carine

    2 Top Idol, Flores

    1 Velvet Voice, Raindear

    Grade 2:

    4 Diva of Clear Waters, Izumi

    4 Intelli-idol, Melville

    4 Snow White of the Corals, Claire

    Grade 1:

    4 Mermaid Idol, Sedna

    4 Mermaid Idol, Felucca

    4 Prism on the Water, Myrtoa

    2 Turquoise Blue, Tyrrhenia

    Grade 0:

    1 Bermuda Triangle Cadet, Weddell

    4 Drive Quartet, Bubblin

    4 Drive Quartet, Flows

    4 Drive Quartet, Ressac

    4 Drive Quartet, Shuplu

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  • RedMageStatscowski

    Red Mage ID

    September 19, 2013 by RedMageStatscowski

    Class: Bermuda Triangle

    Status: Class Head

    CP: 420

    AP: 8

    Wins: 1

    Loss: 3

    1x Bermuda Triangle Cadet, Weddell

    4x Drive Quartet, Bubblin (draw)

    4x Drive Quartet, Flows (heal)

    4x Drive Quartet, Shuplu (crit)

    4x Drive Quartet, Ressac (stand)

    2x Turquoise Blue, Tyrrhenia

    2x Sweet's Harmony, Mona

    4x Mermaid Idol, Sedna

    4x Mermaid Idol, Felucca

    3x Blazer Idols

    4x Top Idol, Aqua

    2x Snow White of the Corals, Claire

    2x Mermaid Idol, Flute

    3x Girl's Rock, Rio

    4x Super Idol, Ceram

    2x Shining Singer, Ionia

    1x PRISM-Image, Vert

    2x Angelic Star, Coral

    4x Costume Change, Alk

    3x PRISM-Smile, Coro

    2x Dolphin Friend, Plage

    3x PRISM-Miracle, Adria (draw)

    3x PRISM-Miracle, Canary (crit)

    3x PRISM-Miracle, Timor (heal)

    3x PRISM-Miracle, Irish (stand)

    3x Mystery Smile, Aral (stand)

    3x Heartful A…

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