Status: Student

Class: Topaz

Deck: Genesis

Current Avatar: Oracle Queen, Himiko

CP: 500

AP: 10

wins: 2



Oracle Queen, Himiko x2, Witch of Wolves, Saffron x4, Scheduler Angel x8, Battle Maiden, Izunahime x8, Battle Maiden, Sahohime x4, Mice Guard, Orion x8, Witch of Birds, Chamomile x4, Battle Maiden Mihikarihime x8, Battle Maiden Tatsutahime x4, Existence Angel x4, Mice Guard, Sirius x8, Witch of Frogs, Melissa x 4, Witch of Prohibited Books, Cinnamon x2, Cyber Tiger x8, Fancy Monkey x8, Large Pot Witch, Laurie x8, Patrol Guardian x8

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