• I was born on October 22
  • I am Male
  • Greatnature55

    Student Data

    September 24, 2013 by Greatnature55

    Class: Emerald

    Status: Student

    Current Avatar: School Punisher, Leopald "Reverse"

    CP: 1250

    AP: 34

    Win: 21

    Lose: 30

    G0: 17

    1x Acorn Master

    4x Alarm Chicken

    4x Dictionary Goat

    2x Fortune Bringing Cat

    2x Ruler Chameleon

    4x Triangle Cobra

    G1: 15

    2x Element Glider

    2x Monoculus Tiger

    2x Thermometer Giraffe

    4x Silver Wolf

    3x Tic Toc Flamingo

    1x Hula Hoop, Capybara

    1x Cable Sheep

    G2: 11

    4x Geographer Giant

    3x Multimeter Girraffe

    4x Pencil Knight, Hammsuke

    G3: 7

    1x Honorary Professor, Chatnoir

    2x Scientis Monkey, Rue

    1x Magnet Crocodile

    1x Dumbbell Kangaroo

    2x School Punisher, Leo-pald "Reverse"

    1x School Hunter, Leo-pald

    Dumbbell Kangaroo x2

    Thermometer Giraffe x2

    Monoculus Tiger x2

    Law Official, Lox x2

    Pencil Hero, Hammsuke x2

    Tank Mouse x2

    Canvas Koala x4

    Calculator Hippo x4

    Feather Pe…

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