Class: Megacolony

Status: Head of Megacolony Division

CP: 2450


AP: 59

Wins: 11

Lose: 4


AP: 138

Wins: 26

Loss: 8

Avatar: Lord of the Seven Seas, Nightmist

Deck Case:


Grade 3:

2x Ice Prison Hades Emperor, Cocytus "Reverse"

4x Lord of the Seven Seas, Nightmist

1x King of Demonic Seas, Basskirk

1x Spirit Exceed

6x Demonic Seas Necromancer, Barbaros

12x Master Swordsman, Nightstorm

2x Witch Doctor of the Abyss, Negromarl

Grade 2:

7x Captain Nightmist

12x Commodore Blueblood

9x Corrosion Dragon, Corrupt Dragon

12x Skeleton Swordsman

Grade 1:

1x  Gust Jinn

12x Child Frank

6x Dancing Cutlass

12x Dandy Guy, Romario

6x King Seahorse

18x Samurai Spirit

6x Evil Shade

Grade 0:

1x Peter the Ghostie

3x Captain Nightkid

2x Chappie the Ghostie

6x Rough Seas Banshee

6x Knight Spirit

12x Ghoul Cannonball

12x Sorrowful Gunshot, Nightflare

18x Skeleton Lookout

12x Doctor Rouge

6x Rick the Ghostie

Royal Paladin:

Grade 3:

2x Gigantech Charger

Grade 2:

1x Starcall Trumpter

1x Blaster Blade Spirit

2x High Dog Breeder, Akane

6x Knight of Truth, Gordon

2x Great Sage, Barron

Grade 1:

1x Flashing Jewel Knight, Isuelt

1x Knight of Friendship, Kay

1x Young Pegasus Knight 

2x Pongal

6x Soul Guiding Elf

Grade 0:

6x Margal

6x Pixy Fife and Drum

Great Nature:

Grade 3:

2x Scientist Monkey Rue

Grade 2:

2x Geograph Giant

Grade 1:

6x Silver Wolf

Grade 0:

6x Intelli-mouse


Grade 3:

2x Master Fraude

Grade 2:

6x Lady Bomb

Grade 1:

6x Phantom Black

Grade 0:

6x Megacolony Battler A

Bermuda Triangle:

Grade 3:

1x Top Idol, Flores

Grade 2:

2x Top Idol, Aqua

Grade 1:

6x Blazer Idols

Grade 0:

2x Bermuda Triangle Cadet, Caravel

Nova Grappler:

Grade 3:

Grade 2:

1x Magician Girl, Kirara

6x NGM Prototype

Grade 1:

1x Twin Blader

6x Cray Soldier

Grade 0:

6x Red Lightning

6x Three Minutes


Grade 3:

6x Chaos Dragon, Dinochaos

Grade 2:

6x Cannon Fire Dragon, Cannon Gear

Grade 1:

2x Winged Dragon, Skyptero

Grade 0:

2x Dragon Egg

Oracle Think Tank:

Grade 3:

1x Battle Sister, Parfait

Grade 2:

1x Silent Tom

6x Security Guardian

Grade 1:

6x One Who Gazes at the Truth

2x Luck Bird

Grade 0:

6x Psychic Bird

6x Emergency Alarmer


2x Seal Dragon, Blockade

6x Gattling Claw Dragon

6x Lizard Runner, Nafd

2x Blazing Core Dragon

6x Dragon Knight, Berger

3x Demonic Dragon Mage, Kimnara

6x Iron Tail Dragon

6x Follower, Reas

Spike Brother:

2x Sky Diver

2x Mecha Trainer

6x Silence Joker

6x Sonic Breaker

6x Cheerful Lynx

6x Cheer Girl, Tiara

6x Spike Brothers Assault Squad

6x Cyclone Blitz

2x Dudley Dan

2x Treasured, Black Panther

6x Devil Summoner

6x Panzer Gale

4x Unite Attacker

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