• Celestial Oracle

    Status: Student

    Class: Topaz

    Deck: Oracle Think Tank

    Current Avatar: CEO Amaterasu

    CP: 1100

    AP: 623

    wins: 113


    Oracle Think Tank:

    G0s: Battle Sister, Waffle (starter) x12, Lozenge Magus (heal) x16, Victory Maker (draw) x4, Dream Eater (draw) x16, Oracle Guardian, Nike (critical) x4, Battle Sister, Assam (stand) x12, Battle Sister, Tiramisu (draw) x12, Battle Sister, Chai (heal) x12, Battle Sister, Ginger (critical) x12,  Psychic Bird (critical) x12,

    G1s: Goddess of the Crescent Moon, Tsukuyomi x4, Oracle Guardian, Gemeni x16, Dark Cat x16, Weather Girl, Milk x4, Battle Sister Maple x2, Luck Bird x15, Battle Sister, Chocolat x4, Weather Forecaster, Miss Mist x4, One Who Gazes at the Truth x12, Battle Sister, Vanilla x12, Battle Sister, Cocoa x…

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