Class: Link Joker

Status: Class Head

CP: 10

AP: 1

Wins: 0

Losses: 1

  • Cards
  • Link Joker


4x Nova Star Vader,Actinium 

16x Star Vader Stellar,Garage

16x Keyboard Star Vader,Bismuth

16x STar Vader, Nebula captor


16x Hollow twin Blades, Binary Star

16x Demonic Bullet Star Vader, Neon

8x Star Vader, Aurora Eagle

16x Pursuit Star Vader, Fermium


8x Swift Star Vader, Strontium

16x Soaring Star Vader, Krypton

4x Star Vader,Mobius Breath Dragon

4x Unrivaled Star Vader, Krypton

16x Star Vader, Pulsar Bear


16x Raid Star Vader, Francium

8x Twilight Baron

4x Star Vader, Infinite Zero Dragon

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