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    October 5, 2013 by BlueFTW


    Name- BlueFtw

    Clan- Great Nature

    CP- 800

    Sold R Dai

    Traded Pellinore

    Current Avatar - Geograph Giant

    Battle Record 

    49Evil Sword- Lost Riding my avatar -20cp,Triggers 6 Times -120 cp Won 100Cp Br

    Misaka- Won(Ragequited)  Riding my avatar -20cp '

    Roxas Lost two times got 140x2 cp - Trigger 5 times, Riding my avatar.

    Charizard Won got 210 Cp  trigger 8 times, declaring and acheiving FT, BR once

    Metrona - Lost 2x Cp 4 triggers each and riding my avatar Twice -200 CP

     Zilla and Celes -2 wins with 300 cp and 5 ap each

    Mr CFVanguard Lost 80 cp 4 triggers

    Rageumon Won 7 triggers Miracle Heal riding my avatar 80Cp

    Lyris Lost 5 triggers 100cp Kerth Won Damage Diff 1 5 triggers  120 CP

    Card Listings

    Great Nature Trial Deck 2x 

    Notables : Sword Magician Sar…

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