Welcome to the Genesis Class! This is your teacher, BlackMist4848.

Now, before anything else, this course has some rules:

  • Don't call a card useless. It has it's uses, wherever it is. In Granblue, Captain Nightmist is useful in the Drop Zone, Crimson Beast Tamer is useful in the Soul. Every card is useful, no matter how much Power it has. 
  • Don't look down on anyone.

Now, what is Genesis all about?

Thinking. In Genesis, you gotta think. You gotta use your memory too. Here, let's say the opponent is at 3 Damage with 4 Cards in his/her hand, while you're at 5. Now two things you can do here:

  1. Break down and lose focus.
  2. Or, what most of us who use Genesis do, stay calm and stoic. 

During the game, you're constantly increasing your resources, whether it is the hand or Soul. But for now, we'll focus on the Soul.

Genesis is  a clan that uses the Soul and for big plays LATER. In Genesis we're usually just increasing our resources until we're ready to strike.

We also need to learn to fight under pressure, like I mentioned earlier. There's always a way to turn the tables, there's never no hope. 

But how? Well, hopefully during the whole game you've been doing something to build your resources and then you finally strike. That is one of the most important factors. And remember, it's in our nature to always find a way.~

Now, for the best part, HOMEWORK! Now before you groan at how boring this is, don't. Your homework is to answer these three questions:

  1. What does Genesis do?
  2. What are we building up the Soul for?
  3. And name three uses of the Soul.

This will be graded out of 10, first question is 2 marks, second is 2 marks, third is 2 makes for each answer you give to it.

One last thing: You have 3 days to do the homework, so this is due on by Friday, since this will be update every 3 days. You have three chances to miss out on doing the homework. Failing to get a score higher than 5 will result into you losing three points from your report. Every homework finished gives you equal to that number of marks, and by day 5 you'll be given a quiz, where you cardfight Hikari or I. In there you'll be tested, and you'll have to use a Genesis a deck. You can buy a TD if you wish to get some Genesis cards, and you can buy packs from BT10 and BT11.

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