The school's rankings.

September 2013Edit

Rank Student Class AP
1st RoxasXsora Diamond 431
2nd Jyuasnteisn Ruby 314
3rd Charizard Diamond 300
4th Penguin90 Ruby 226
5th AxisLight Diamond 187
6th XrosHearts Ruby 178
7th Xophix Amethyst 175
8th Seal To End All Ruby 140
9th doomboykhoi Emerald 138
10th TurtleSaurus Amethyst 136
11th LegendCallerL Topaz 113
12th Kerththanan Diamond 108
13th MrCFVanguard Diamond 104
14th Xeamnz Sapphire 99
15th Greatnature55 Emerald 91
16th Radiant Blaster Knight Diamond 79
17th Metrona Sapphire 69
18th CrisomeXmulti Amethyst 63
18th Xeamnz Sapphire 63
20th Writer7 Ruby 58
21th Hunter E.T Emerald 52
22th ReverseX Sapphire 51
23st ZillaDragon Ruby 48
24nd Dasher Diamond 47
25rd Kota1908 Ruby 41
26th Yatogami Tohka-chan Ruby 33
27th Litwick28 Amethyst 22
28th BlackMist4848 Topaz 20
29th Aeee98 Ruby 14
30th Lyris1064 Sapphire 12
31th Ginjo90 Diamond 11
32st RedMageStatscowski Sapphire 8
33nd Juchen Sapphire 6
33nd Renji2711 Sapphire 6
35th Obscuration Diamond 5
36th Brandy263 Diamond 1
36th YHZ17 Topaz 1
35th Shiroyabun Emerald 1

October 2013Edit

Rank Student Class AP
1st Rageagumon Ruby 675
2nd Celestial Oracle Topaz 613
3rd Lyris1064 Sapphire 401
4th Metrona Sapphire 332
5th Aaronchaos23 Ruby 240
6th SealToEndAll Topaz 218
7th 49Evilswords Ruby 191
8th Misaka 10032 Topaz 190
9th Hunter E.T Emerald 157
10th MrCFVanguard Diamond 155
11th XrosHearts Ruby 145
13th TurtleSaurus Amethyst 79
14th Xophix Amethyst 79
15th Xeamnz Amethyst 63
16th Writer7 Ruby 6
17th RoxasXsora Diamond 5
18th GreatNature55 Emerald 1

NOTICE: All players AP have been reset according to Xros, due to the restarting of the game.

NOTICE: Rankings shall be updated every 2-3 Days

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