A new event in which people fight each other in chances of earning a card.


For this event you'll battle in a swiss tournament format. You'll fight someone in the same block as you. Each round the blocks shall change as they are determined based on win and lose record. You gain CP as would in a normal cardfight.

As a prize after 10 rounds the top 10 scores shall win a random card from the newly released cards. The top 10 shall also win 1000 CP.


  • Celestial Oracle (1-0)
  • DasheR (0-1)
  • doomboykhoi (0-0)
  • Hunter E.T (1-0)
  • Jyuasnteisn (0-1)
  • Kerththanan (0-0)
  • Lyris1064 (1-0)
  • Misaka 10032 (0-0)
  • Penguin90 (1-0)
  • Rageagumon (0-0)
  • RoxasXsora (0-0)
  • TurtleSaurus (0-1)
  • UKCZ (0-0)
  • Writer7 (0-0)
  • Xeamnz (0-0)
  • XrosHearts (0-1)

Round 1Edit

When you win/lose your match post in the comments so I can update the bracket.

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