The Academy's event.


  • For this event each class that wants to participate selects a representative to enter for their class.
  • Representatives shall cardfight any other representative in a best of 1 match.
  • Loser of the match is out of the event.
  • At the end last representative standing wins for their class.
  • You must fight at least 1 other rep every 24 hours


For participating in event, each representative shall recieve a promo exclusive card of their choice.

For every fight you win you gain 5 AP but no CP.

For every fight you loss you gain 1 AP but no CP.

3rd Place winner gets 500 CP and his or her entire class gets 1 free card of their choice.

2nd Place winner gets 1000 CP and his or her entire class gets 2 free cards of their choice and 1000 CP.

1st Place winner gets 1000 CP and his or her entire class gets 4 free cards of their choice and 2000 CP.

Class RepresentativesEdit


  • Xros Vs. Radiant
    • Xros wins 6-2
  • LegendCallerL Vs. Penguin90
    • LegendCallerL wins 6-3
  • Xophix Vs. Turtle
    • Xophix wins 6-5
  • Xros Vs. Axis
    • Xros wins 6-4
  • Xeamnz Vs. Red
    • Xeamnz wins 6-4
  • Charizard Vs. Crisome
    • Crisome wins 6-4
  • ReverseX Vs. Scrappy
    • ReverseX Wins 1-0
  • Xophix Vs. LegendCallerL
    • Xophix wins 6-4
  • Xeamnz Vs. XrosHearts
    • Xeamnz wins 6-5
  • Xeamnz Vs. Xophix
    • Xophix wins 6-5


1st Xophix (Pale Moon Class)

2nd Xeamnz (Granblue Class)

3rd XrosHearts (Narukami Class)

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